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impact for us. the potential is there for some rain and maybe some snow for our region. we'll talk more about that. but take a look at this, freeze warnings in effect for the areas that have not seen it yet, including the district. just about everybody seeing temperatures at or below freezing tonight. wait until i show you how cold the numbers get overnight. the presidential election down to the wire in this 11th hour. the night before the election, it is too close to call and virginia is extremely important. today mitt romney has an action-packed schedule today. four states, including a stop in fairfax and george mason. new presidential numbers for virginia came out today. the nbc "wall street journal" survey puts 48% for president obama, 47% for romney. and the rasmussen poll shows 50% for romney, 48% for the president in the commonwealth. julie carey joins us from fairfax on romney's pit stop this afternoon. julie? >> reporter: well, it is emptied out now, but a short while ago
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the patriots center was filled up to the very top row. supporters here eager to show enthusiasm they hope will grab virginia for both mitt romney and the gop. mitt romney supporters were ready to roar from the start in the final rally. and their cheers grew louder when ann romney asked this question. >> are we going to be neighbors soon? >> reporter: and mitt romney's reaction? >> if anyone wants to know where the energy is, if anyone out there that's following american politi wants to know where the energy is, just come right here in this room and you'll see it. >> reporter: supporters also had their own chant ready, one more day. after a grinding 17 months of campaigning, first to win the gop nomination, now to win the presidency, it comes down to virginia. most political observers agree it's a must-win for mitt romney
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if he hopes to claim victory. they show the race deadlocked in the commonwealth. romney talked for almost 40 minutes before making his final pitch for help in getting out the vote. >>nd now we are very, very close. the door to a brighter future is there. it's en, waiting for us. i need your vote. i need your work. walk with me. let's walk together. tomorrow is a new beginning. >> reporter: while some of the patriot center was blocked off, romney supporters packed every available seat. most spent the weekend knocking on doors or making calls. and they are heart bd by what they see. this woman lives in western prince william county. >> my sense is the election will go to romney. we have so many volunteers coming out of the woodwork that we've never seen before. >> reporter: even though the latest polls show a deadlocked race, pat bets several state
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dinners that romney will win virginia big, by five points. >> the only polls i pay attention to are on the ground. our ground game is better. i can feel it going door to door. >> reporter: mitt romney heads from here to new hampshire where he was originally scheduled to hold a final rally. now the campaign has added two more on election day. in pennsylvania and ohio. there was some 8,500 people here to see him in the patriot center. and a bunch outside. for now, reporting live from fairfax, julie carey, news4. president obama is covering a lot of ground today. he just wrapped up an appearance in columbus, ohio, and headed to iowa tonight. he started in madison, wiscsin. bruce springsteen is traveling with the president. >> the american dream, an american reality. our vote tomorrow is the one undeniable way we get to determine the distance in that equation.
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>> about 18,000 people filled the plaza near the state capitol building in madison. later president obama told the crowd he had the scars to prove he has been leading the charge for change in this country. >> so, when i say, wisconsin, that i know what real change looks like, you've got cause to believe me, because you've seen me fight for it. and you've seen me deliver it. you've seen the scars on me to prove it. you've seen the gray hair on my head, to show you what it means to fight for change. >> president obama traveled to ohio from madison and will hold one last rally in ohio tonight before returning to chicago to watch the election returns. vice president joe biden spent this morning in sterling, virginia, and some other democratic candidates joined in to motivate voters. richard jordan is here with a look at the final campaign push. richard? >> wendy, this rally was rather intimate. the crowd standing just a few
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feet from the vice president and many said his message only confirmed who they already planned on voting for tomorrow. vice president joe biden and his wife using the rustic back drop to reach voters one day before election day. many of them sporting their coats, the democratic senate candidate tim kaine warmed up the crowd. >> i hope like heck that we succeed tomorrow. >> i want to make it clear to you -- >> reporter: the vice president used the platform to passionately appeal to women. >> barack and i believe that my daughter and his two daughters, my four granddaughters, are entitled to every single opportunity my sons have, and every single opportunity my grandsons have. no exceptions. none. no exceptions. >> reporter: biden doing his part to build up the president. the supporters say they can relate to him from those who have been going to the polls for
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years to an 18-year-old's first-time voter. >> i think he's right for america. he knows the best. he knows the middle class. that's important. >> like the way what he said, it feels authentic. it feels real. >> reporter: biden repeatedly said virginia will help determine the election, a point he drove home with a final plea. >> we need you, virginia. with your help, we will win virginia. we win virginia, we win this election! >> and as soon as that rally wrapped up in sterling, another crowd was already coming together to see the vice president. he will be in richmond tonight with singer john mellencamp with his opening act. don't miss a special one-hour edition of "nightly news" with brian williams at 7:00. and at 11:00, we'll have an election special starting at 11:35 on this eve of the election. snow, rain and strong winds
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are in the forecast for parts of the northeast. still trying to recover from hurricane sandy. officials are watching a coastal storm that could hit on wednesday. and that could create problems for more than 1 million people, still without power tonight. government leaders are trying to figure out accommodations for the tens of thousands whose homes could be uninhabitable for weeks, or even months to come. help is also being focused on election day in the area. generators have been brought in now to provide power to polling places. officials are scrambling to provide other voting options. we're following developments on a deadly crash in prince george's county. police say two people are dead after this collision that involved two tractor-trailer trucks and a car. chopper 4 over the scene in upper marlboro about 3:00 this afternoon, this is in the 13600 block of central avenue. we're told two people inside the car were killed. that stretch of central avenue between route 193 and six flags
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is closed. tonight we're learning new disturbing details about two violent attacks in d.c., including a rape in a howard university women's dorm. news4's darcy spencer is live on the campus with new details about the suspect tonight. darcy? >> reporter: it happened in this dormitory right behind me friday afternoon. howard university issued a statement late this afternoon, it says in part that the safety on campus is of a paramount concern. they beefed up security, 24 hours a day. so some students say that they don't feel safe. court documents show a teenage sexual assault suspect wrote down his first name and cell phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to his victim, a 19-year-old student at howard university after allegedly raping her in her dorm room. police tracked that number to an address here on fourth street northwest, where the suspect, 19-year-old demarco miles lives with his mother. he was arrested and charged in two violent attacks on women. >> forhe price that we're
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paying for this school, and this tuition, it's really horrible the way that we have to honestly live in fear. >> reporter: the first crime happened on friday october 26th at the rhode island row apartments in northeast d.c. just before 2:00 in the afternoon. the second, last friday at 1:15 in the afternoon, an all-women's dorm. the suspect lived in the 5300 block on fourth street just a few miles away. >> it's scary. >> reporter: the victim of the attack is still in the hospital. she told pat collins in an exclusive interview she was stabbed multiple times as she tried to fight off her attacker. the howard student tells police her attacker appeared in her room and made casual conversation. she told him to get out but he didn't. she told police she started texting a friend, then the suspect pulled a set of brass knuckles with a purple blade. he grabbed her phone and texted her friend as well. documents show he raped her.
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that's when he allegedly wrote the note saying, since you don't know me, here's my number and called her an expletive. the court document said he tried to cross out that number but detectives later were still able to read it. detectives also learned a man myles' description had entered other dorm rooms, but left when asked to leave. the fact that miles was able to get into the all-female dorm and pass several layers of security, including locked doors and sign-in process for visitors, has many students upset. one student told us she's moving out. >> i think this was just kind of a final straw. i don't think it's worth the money to be living here for this to happen. >> reporter: now, court records also indicate they found numerous items in the suspect's bedroom linked to the attacks. he sat down and talked to detectives. i'll tell you what he told them coming up on news4 at 6:00. we're just getting started on news4 at 5:00 tonight. if you get caught speeding in
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the district, those fines are about to be lowered. but not everybody is happy about that. police in maryland make an arrest and it involves an al gate ner a house. is mike shanahan waving the white flag now? we're live at redskins park with reaction on the day after.
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today we're talking about camera tickets. most fines from d.c. speed camera tickets actually dropped in cost because of a move from the mayor. drivers have complained bitterly about paying those high costs. adam tuss tells us if the new rules go far enough. >> reporter: wendy, no one can argue with the fact if you don't want a speeding ticket, you
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shouldn't speed. but here in the district is the line blurred when it comes to speed cameras like this one, responsibly. speed camera fines lowered throughout the city. most fines dropping by $25. as it stands now, if you get caught one to ten miles per hour over the limit you could get a $50 fine. 11 to 15 miles per hour over the limit, the fine is now $100. but for those going more than 25 miles per hour over the limit, the fine actually increases from $250 to $300. the changes took effect at midnight and are not retroactive. if you got a speed camera ticket before today, the old rates apply. but even with lower fines, some say the program is still a cash cow. the d.c. council holding a hearing on the matter today. >> most people i talk to are convinced that our automated traffic enforcement program cameras is mostly about racing money for the district's budget.
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>> reporter: john townsend with aaa mid-atlantic said it's too high. >> this is a political conundrum that you're in. people know this is unfair. >> reporter: a dflt c. police say the program has helped cut down on the number of traffic fatalities around the city. some residents like having them on our blocks. >> we actually asked for it. particularly because of in the middle of the night we have lots of trucks, very heavy trucks coming by and they shake the house. and they're going too fast. >> reporter: but other drivers are cautious. >> you know, i think they need to be reasonable, so that people don't become overly resentful. >> reporter: now, as part of this new speed camera policy, speed limits on city roads will actually be reevaluated and could be increased or lowered. adam tuss, news4. you always know where they are, because everyone suddenly
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starts slamming on their brakes. what's going on? where is the camera? >> it only takes one. >> i know. >> headlights out there earlier, doug. we don't like it. >> it's getting darker. sun goes down around 5:00 and it the continue to get earlier and earlier. it will not go down after 5:00 again until january 4th. just to let you know. >> all right. >> planning ahead. >> we'll have a party. >> that's right. sun goes down much earlier, that means it's much colder earlier, too. we'll see freeze warnings in effect tonight. the growing season will be just about over for everybody in our area. out there right now, see the clear skies for the most part. current temperature 47 degrees. another cold afternoon. winds out of the north at 9 miles an hour, gives us a windchill of 43 degrees. it's cold out there. it's going to continue to be chilly over the next couple of days. as we look towards the numbers, current readings only 41 in winchester, 45 in culpepper, 41
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in gaithersburg. we have some areas where the windchills already in the 30s. if you're getting out and about this evening, maybe to take an early dinner, you know it will be on the chilly side. the freeze warning includes the district. everybody back to the west has already seen their freeze. but these are the areas that have not seen much in the way of a freeze. southern maryland, most of northern virginia, the district and parts of the maryland area up towards fredericks and gaithersburg. it's going to be cold tomorrow morning. talking about 20s for most of you in the morning. radar picture, not showing anything around our region. as we widen out here, nothing going on along the east coast. here's our storm system. this will be a developing storm that will drive down to the gulf, pick up gulf moisture and make its way back up the east coast, as an east coast storm, a nor'easter, up to the north. our winds mostly out of the north. not a true nor'easter for us. towards the jersey shore, parts
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of new york, long island, this is going to be a big storm. notice for us, though, here we are at 3:00 p.m. on wednesday, low impact for us, if anything at all, we're going to be looking at light rain or light snow, because it is going to be quite chilly. as the storm system makes its way up, we have low impact along the i-95 corridor. as close as baltimore, maryland, medium impact. this will be a mixture between rain and snow most likely that's how cold this is going to be. along the coast, and this is where we're really concerned. not as much concern for our area. once again, early in the morning, we're talking about a low impact event for us on the roadways, maybe ice to mix in. we'll be watching out for that closely. the data takes us farther out to sea, that would be good news for us. philadelphia, the jersey shore, new york, long island, it looks like they will be once again hit by a very strong storm. winds 50 to maybe 60 miles an hour. they will be dealing with beach erosion up into that region, too. we'll be watching out for that.
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inland snow, yeah, possible. isolated slick spots early thursday morning. yes, the coastal issues will be the most, especially up through the areas that have already been hit very, very hard by sandy. your forecast for the next couple of days. high of 49 for your tuesday. get out and vote. should be a nice day for 45 on wednesday. thursday, 49 degrees. before, look at this, guys, before -- >> yea! >> -- a nice warm-up, saturday, sunday, monday, above average for a change. boy, do we need that after what we're going to be seeing. >> thank you, doug. when we come back on news4 at 5:00, a pilot lands his plane and crashes into an suv. we're going to hear from the couple in the car. >> the infomercial says the no-no is a beauty break-through. no pain hair removal without waxing or razors but does it really do that. coming up in sports, interesting comments from coach mike shanahan after the redskins lost.
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the redskins have two weeks to regroup. bye week. >> what the coaches are talking about. they have to be a wee bit discouraged. >> reporter: i think they're trying to keep their chin up today. but yeah, it's recapping the pain on this monday. it's usually the calm after the storm. but boy, are there some gale force winds blowing today. everybody wanted to hear the coach clarify what he meant last night after the game. the redskins are heading into the bye week with a three-game losing streak. a lot more questions than answers. and as you heard yesterday, robert griffin iii is vowing, he is vowing to figure this out after the bye. while the coach was sending mixed messages. >> i have no idea what i'm going to do. but i promise you i'll come back and be a better quarterback the
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second half of the season, for us, for this team. prayerfully everybody else comes back with the same mind-set. >> come back refreshed, recharged, get ready for a stretch run. you know, just realize that you win a game in two weeks, your outlook is totally different. the way this nfl is, week in, week out, things can change. >> we start a new season when we come back from the bye week. new season, we've got all the division games. win the division, turn this thing around. anything could happen on sundays. >> reporter: considering after the game, the head coach sounded like he was singing a different tune. >> obviously very disappointing. a must-win game gives you a chance to play for a play-off spot at the midway point when you're 3-5, it's got to be a must-win to be in the hunt.
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when you lose a game like that, now you're playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football for years to come. now we have a chance to evaluate players and see where we're at. we're not out of it statistically, but now we find out what type of character we've got and how guys keep fighting through the rest of the season. >> we definitely want him to use -- we don't want him to say the season is over this early in the season. but it's always an evaluation process. we've dug ourselves in a hole that it's going to be hard to get out of. but i know coach, i know this team, i know we're not going to throw the towel in and just tank it for the rest of the year. >> the redskins players determined to keep fighting. and there's some back-and-forth as you heard. the coach just wrapped up his monday media session, and he has put it into reverse. he said he absolutely is not
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throwing the towel in on this season. he's using a bye week for a time for evaluation and treating every game from here on out like a play-off game. we'll have more coming up on news4 at 6:00. for now live at redskins park. back to you guys. >> thanks, carol. up next at 5:30 tonight, will the female vote determine the presidency. local high school students gear up for a field election night. their new class project. question 7, a very hated topic here in maryland. we talk to mgm ceo. >> i want to hire people from this county, and this state. we're talking 4,000 jobs. >> i believe question 7's going to be defeated, as it should be.
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charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. fast forward through the headlines. a father is now facing charges after his 4-year-old fell from a high-rise apartment window here in silver spring.
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police charged 30-year-old christopher harley with child neglect and leaving a child under the age of 8 unattended. harl harley's child fell from a ninth floor apartment. he remains hospitalized in serious condition. two people are dead in a collision that involved a car and two tractor-trailers in upper marlboro. both victims were inside the car. it ended up underneath one of the trucks on central avenue this afternoon. the investigation has shut down central avenue between route 193 and six flags. now let's fast forward to the weather. doug? >> fast forward through the night tonight and tomorrow morning, you'll be dealing with the coldest night so far this season. it is upon us. look at philly, only 42 degrees. 42 in hagerstown. 38 right now in pittsburgh. it is going to be a very cold night tonight in most of our region, now under a freeze warning. if you have not seen front or freeze advisories yet, you are under a freeze warning tonight.
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that includes the district and metro area. we'll talk much more about that and the potential coastal storm coming up. we all know by now, polls open tomorrow morning bright and early. the final nbc news "wall street journal" report out tonight, showing president obama and mitt romney in an extremely tight race. >> chief white house correspondent chuck todd joins us live from democracy plaza in new york. chuck, the president and mitt romney both touring like a million states today. is that really going to make a difference in the 11th hour? >> reporter: you know, it's funny, you do wonder sometimes how much it does or not. but you know, look, the whole point of these rallies is you want to get your volunteers there, fired up. and once the candidate leaves, the folks stay back and go and try to get other people to the polls. what fascinated me today about the schedule is, both of them went to the states they have to win. their shortest path states to 270. the president, for instance, the
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three stops today were wisconsin, ohio and he's going to close out with iowa. well, he wins all three of those states, it's 271 electoral votes with the ones we assume he's going to get. mitt romney, he's hit four today, florida, virginia, ohio and new hampshire. if he wins those four and the other state we think he's going to win, that gets him at 270. they're both on their short path today to 270, hopeful pass. >> chuck, we've been hearing an awful lot about ground game, and enthusiasm. who has the edge? and which of those two matters the most? >> reporter: well, i think in this day and age when so many people vote, we don't have election day anymore, we have election month, essentially the month of october is when voting season begins. i think the ground game may mean as much or if not more and could trump enthusiasm. the romney people believe the old rules of politics apply to them. the candidate that has the more
5:34 pm
enthusiastic base of supporters, they'll be the ones that show up, the quote, walk on broken glass, show up to the polls no matter what the weather is. the obama campaign is very much based on metrics. they've identified -- they believe they've identified almost every one of their voters and trying to get them vote any day between october 1st or whatever it starts in a state, until tomorrow. and i think that that's what this is. this is metrics versus momentum. and sort of 21st century versus 20th century. >> what about the women's vote? we were hearing about that earlier. is that still going to be a deciding factor in any of these states? >> reporter: if it is, virginia goes obama. i think the gender gap will tell me specifically about the state of virginia, and it's a sort of mirror image state out west, colorado. there's a wider gender gap in those two states nationally, that's good for obama. if it's a smaller one, that's good for romney. >> chuck todd, election month
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ends tomorrow. thanks so much, chuck. appreciate you taking time with us. >> reporter: we think. >> we think, yeah. who knows. >> election year, yes. >> reporter: that's right. well, it is the final push in the fight other expanded gambling in maryland. people on both sides of the issue are making their final arguments to voters. news4's prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live at national harbor with more on this election eve. tracee? >> reporter: we spoke with the mgm ceo how he feels his campaign has gone and all the money he's spent. we've also spoken with maryland's comptroller about what he has done to try and sway voters as they both make their last-minute pushes to try and impact the outcome of question 7. >> did we know it was going to be this expensive? no. >> reporter: the ceo of mgm has spent nearly $30 million fighting for gaming expansion in maryland, and an opportunity to open a casino in prince george's county. >> they made a mistake.
5:36 pm
they alienated one of the casinos by not cutting them in on the public gravy train. >> reporter: maryland kor comptroller speaking. penn gaming owns a number of casinos. it has spent $41 million battling question 7, by focusing on whether money from the expansion will benefit education. >> not one dime has gone to education because of gambling. >> reporter: he's come out against question 7. he said marylanders should be concerned about the amount of money both sides have been able to spend on this campaign alone. >> we'll no longer be able to pretend that we, the people, run annapolis. it's the gambling companies that will run it because they have the money. >> it's hard to agree with anything he says on this topic, to be honest. >> reporter: merin said maryland is already into gaming, so it
5:37 pm
may as well become more competitive. >> in 2008 you passed a gaming law. the problem is, it wasn't the right law. >> reporter: francho said table games and a sixth casino in maryland is not the answer for growing the state. or prince george's economy. >> there's plenty of money in prince george's county. it just needs to be spent properly. it needs to be spent efficiently. it needs to be spent without waste. >> reporter: he said if question 7 does fail, there's no future for mgm and prince george's county. >> you can't make the economic model work at the scale that i'm talking about, $800 million investment without gaming as part of that. >> reporter: mgm's ceo also talked about what he wants to include as tif the casino passe. things that prince george's has had a problem with attracting here to the confident. but frencho went on to say he believes this issue has polarized the democratic party and if it does fail, there will be plenty of democrats who are very happy about that. tracee wilkins, news4.
5:38 pm
a last-minute push for maryland's question 6, the ballot measure that would allow same-sex marriage in the state. supporters rallied at college park this afternoon. advocates say it's a matter of civil rights. opponents argued the state does not need to redefine marriage to protect the rights of gay couples. the news4 iteam is on voter patrol between now and election day. if you see a problem with voting, we want to hear from you. call the iteam voter patrol tipline 202-885-444, or e-mail us. give us your name and number and where the alleged problem is occurring. when we come back, a drug raid comes up with a three-foot surprise. as officers search a maryland house. and a plane crashes into an suv. and we are going to be hearing from the couple inside the suv. i'm jackie bensen.
5:39 pm
fairfax county high school students abandon textbooks for twitter.
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authorities in anne arundel county made this unexpected discovery during a recent drug bust. check out this three-foot alligator they found inside a home in jessup. officers had been executing a search warrant at a home on gleneagle drive friday, along with the gator they also found more than 150 grams of marijuana, with a street value of $3,100. 32-year-old michael bolden is now facing charges with possession with intent to distribute. 3,900 homes and businesses still don't have power. that's 17% of that county's power customers. at the peak of the outages last week, nearly 80% of the residents were in the dark.
5:43 pm
there's good news, however, all electricity is expected to be restored by midnight tomorrow. that may not be good news if you're freezing out there tonight. but right now all voting sites in the county do have power so people can cast their ballots tomorrow. surveillance video shows a burglary in progress here in alexandria. this video shows two men and a woman october 21st. they didn't get into the business, but are suspected of using a truck to smash into another office. and a crow bar to break into a third business. they got away with cash, computers, and cigars. alexandria police are asking for help identifying the burglars. callers can remain anonymous. coming up next, a plane takes out an suv during a landing. virginia's so important to the election, local teams are even using their cell phones to tweet election results. their story straight ahead. i'm liz crenshaw.
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the infomercial says the no-no promises to remove hair without the pain. does it really do that? find out coming up.
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an extremely popular
5:47 pm
infomercial promises to get rid of unwanted hair. >> so many viewers have been asking about the no-no, as it's called. liz crenshaw decided to find out, does it really do that. >> wendy, people pay a lot of money to have hair professionally removed. so when the no-no came out we got a lot of inquiries whether the product really removes hair without pain. well, watch and find out. >> introducing no-no, the hair removal break-through that gives you smooth, sexy skin with no pain. . >> hair removal with no pain. that's exactly why emily of fairfax virginia wanted to give the no-no a try. >> i tried other hair removal things. i've tried an epilater, wax, they're painful. >> we brought her the no-no. it comes with a power supply,
5:48 pm
thermacon tips, cleaning brush and smooth aftertreatment clean. >> no-no's technology receives long-term reduction in hair regrowth. >> in menopause, i've gotten some facial hair. i'm very interested in this. i've gotten a little fuzzy on my cheeks. i'm going to try my legs, underarms. >> she also wants to get rid of coarse hair along her hairline and the hair on her upper lip. so it was time to get started. do you feel anything when the light goes on? >> i can tell you, actually, no, not really. it's great. there's no pain associated at all. >> no-no recommends you use the device two to three times a week for the first four to six weeks. so we left the no-no with her and followed up six weeks later. she said the no-no held up well. >> everything worked beautifully. the heads stay in place.
5:49 pm
it charged well. >> she described one small learning curve. >> so i'd have to pull my face a little bit, make sure the skin was smooth before i ran it over the skin. it is a hot wire that you're using, so you have to be careful with it. >> she used the no-no on her face. >> it really did zap the hair. the hair is coming back, but very fine and short. so i'm very pleased with how it did on my face. >> on her hairline -- >> it's finer and it's growing in more slowly. it's a little bit less, yes. >> and her legs. >> i did my right leg only. and you can really feel the difference. i mean, it is thinner. there's less of it. it grows back more slowly. that's the key thing. >> so the no-no, does it really do that? >> it really does that. >> for $282, would you buy one? >> i would absolutely buy one. i'm pleased with it. i'm looking forward to using it more and more consistently over a longer period.
5:50 pm
>> you know, it's a more expensive device than we usually do here. but some people were asking about it, we thought we would give it a shot. >> and people spend a lot of money to get their -- whether it's laser or whatever. >> it's pretty permanent after you do it a while. >> supposedly this idea you do it long enough and it slowly, the hair comes back in, or comes back in finer. she was very happy with it. >> good for her. thank her for being brave. >> we didn't ask about -- well, i won't say. >> moving on. we are talking snow in our forecast. let's check in with doug kammerer. >> it could be a little bit in our forecast over the next couple of days. that's what we're going to be watching this storm that will be becoming a coastal storm. 47 degrees out there right now. winds out of the north at 9 miles per hour. but i want to show you the numbers around the metro area,
5:51 pm
already 39 in gaithersburg. 44 in rockville. 42 in reston. 41 degrees down towards huntingtown. freeze warnings in effect for everybody in this area. if you're looking at yourself on the map right now, you folks in warrenton, manassas, dulles, college park, baltimore, annapolis, you are under a freeze warning tonight. that tells you it's going to be a very cold night. most of you will be in the mid to upper 20s tomorrow night. tomorrow morning is going to be a very cold morning. no rain to talk about on the radar picture. we're not going to see anything tonight or during the day tomorrow. here's the temperature that i'm expecting tonight. 35 degrees in and around the district. but just outside the beltway, temperatures below freezing. 28 in gaithersburg, 26 in leesburg, 28 in la plata. eastern shore temperatures below freezing. 25 in martinsburg. you're going to wake up to a cold tuesday. i do think we'll see sunshine tomorrow early. and maybe a few clouds later in the day. we should be able to rise to
5:52 pm
around the upper 40s to maybe 50 degrees in some locations. then we get into the day on wednesday. that's when the coastal storm makes its way up our way. that's when we start to see the effects. i think we'll start to see those late in the day on wednesday. periods of rain and snow, with some accumulation possible. what are we talking about here? we're not talking about anything that's really going to have a huge impact. because the temperatures are still above average, or above freezing for the most part during this event. i don't think we'll see many problems on the roadways. the greatest concern will be pre-dawn thursday. there could be some issues there driving in. right now, once again, this does not look like it's going to have a huge impact on our area. the big impact will be the same areas that were affected by sandy, unfortunately. a big warm-up later this weekend. all right. some fairfax county high school students are trading their textbooks for twitter this election week. jackie bensen joins us at a high
5:53 pm
school government class that's probably a lot different than the one you took. >> you can change your state to blue to red, or leave it tan. for the middle. >> i think keeping it, like, as we watch the election, and as news is coming in, from watching polls and stuff, it will be easier to tell, you know, where we think -- i guess we can see it for ourselves instead of just watching it happening. >> reporter: move over "huffington post," these fairfax county high school students are turning their texting talents to twitter on election night. it's a government class project involving students at three schools, including one at hayfield secondary school. >> obviously when the states start coming in, it will be fun. virginia obviously closes at 7:00. 8:30, quarter to 9:00, hopefully, right, frank? >> reporter: this is not the dry politics class many of us remember. >> everyone can access and comment at the same time. you can see what everybody else
5:54 pm
writes. >> reporter: one of the biggest challenges, making sense when you only have so many characters per tweet. >> i feel like i'm more able to say what i think about the candidates. and before i didn't know that much. it will definitely put you out there. yeah, you'll either lose followers or gain followers or stay the same. >> reporter: they live tweeted during the presidential debate. >> you don't know if they're telling the truth or not. that's the biggest problem i have. like when i'm doing this, you're trying to pick a candidate based on what you believe is correct. >> the students tell us that the whole process of tweeting out their opinions makes the political process seem that much more real to them. reporting from fairfax county, jackie bensen, news4. just ahead at 5:00 tonight, a pilot showing off for his wife makes a big mistake hitting the ground. in just a few minutes, coming up at 6:00, with all the ads, phone calls, canvassing, pat collins hits the streets to
5:55 pm
say enough already. the report on campaign fatigue. collins style. [ earnest ] out of the blue one day, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired... i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage, it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action
5:56 pm
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5:57 pm
the student pilot in north texas had his wife shoot video of one of his landings over the weekend. big problem, though. the small plane ended up clipping an suv riding by on an access road. >> everyone survived. the couple in the suv suffered
5:58 pm
only minor injuries. nbc's amanda shows us the home video now. >> reporter: take a look at this incredible home video at regular speed first. you can see the wife of pilot william davis filming her husband coming in for a landing. when timing up perfectly. this black suv drives straight under the plane. causing the plane to nose dive into the ground. >> kind of like with a hawk with its talons scooping up the car and then the talons breaking off. >> i saw it a second before it hit. i was opening my mouth to go duck. or something to that effect. >> the next thing you know it's shattering. >> reporter: take a closer look in slow motion. you can see the plane nearly peels off the roof of the suv. sending the plane's landing gear into the air. >> the student did everything he was supposed to do. he landed the airplane perfectly, landed as if he was a
5:59 pm
professional pilot. >> reporter: she rushes to help her husband. >> the pilot made a miraculous landing after all of that. so everybody was fine. walked away. right now at 6:00, the last chance, the last 24 hours. president obama fighting to keep his job. governor mitt romney could be on the brink of moving into the white house. it is a very slow and crowded recovery for hurricane victims suffering still in new york and new jersey. another coastal storm threatening to add insult to injury in the northeast. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. in the final hours before the election, presidential candidates are trying to reach as many voters as they possibly can. we have team coverage tonight on the national race. the last-minute blitz in the battleground state of virginia and the issues that affect voters across our area. we begin with the presidential race, steve handelsman is in

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